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Its time to be more responsive

March 20th, 2012 by Edward

Just a couple of years back if you wanted a website you went to your web designer/developer and they made you one that looked great on your computer. And probably on just about every other computer too – even those running the dreaded Internet Explorer 6!

You might have noticed however, that the same sites don’t always look so great on all those new smaller screen devices – smartphones, tablets and so on. The basic problem is that we were designing mostly for large screens – many many sites were 900-1000px wide. So how does a smart phone cope – well, it either squashes everything up so  tiny you can’t read it OR adds those horrid horizontal scroll bars that everyone hates. To be fair, all those devices are doing their best – its the web designers/developers who needed to adapt – again!

So, what’s the answer…

Things are always moving on the internet, but there does seem to be one solution that is gaining ground.It goes by different names – “Adaptive design” , “Responsive design” and even “Media queries” … although that last one isn’t really right!

The basic principle is to enable the various elements in the site to both re size and re-arrange themselves as the available space alters.


As you look over the examples notice how the relative positions of items change as we go from a “Multi-column” layout through to a single column layout.

The upshot of all this is that your website will look great across a wide range of platforms – which of course has got to be great news.

Why not contact ee-web design to see if we can help bring your message to a wider audience?

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  1. The responsive web design really brought the web design into a new arena , Every one want much more internet presence & enhancing their products / business, through each medium , responsive web design helps to get the desired results.
    Thanks for sharing the informative one post.

    Comment by Web Development — April 4, 2012 @ 9:40 am

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