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ee- web is growing

April 22nd, 2014 by Edward


ee web design is growing and needs to get some local help!

I am a freelancer, mostly with too much work! I am looking to work closely with someone in the North London area to our mutual advantage. I have always found my best work is done in teams and I want to expand mine.

Do you think it would be helpful to have more people in your network that you could share the load with – pitching, designing, building, optimising and so on and on.  If you think this might be you I’d really like to have a chat. No obligation, no pressure.

At this stage I am not talking about financial partnerships or new companies, although who knows what the future might hold?  Face to face is important in the way I work, so that’s why you need to be local(ish).

You can find out more about my philosophy by browsing around my site.

Next step. If you’d like to explore the possibilities then get in touch and we can take it from there.


Ten reasons why ee-web can help!

February 26th, 2014 by Edward


You’re looking for a web professional to help you develop your web presence?

There are lots and lots ot choose from out there. So…

why pick ee-web design and development?

  1. I love my work
  2. I make bespoke solutions
  3. I know as much techie talk as you want to hear
  4. Been making websites for 14 years
  5. Don’t have an expensive London office
  6. Pile of happy customers who keep coming back
  7. Wont try and sell  you more than you need
  8. Am here for the long haul
  9. Have a network of professionals to bring in
  10. Enjoy problem solving

And now the detail:

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Voluntary Sector Training – a re-build and a re-fresh

February 11th, 2014 by Edward


Since November 2013 (approx!) I have been involved with a really enjoyable project based in Great Dunmow, Essex. Voluntary Sector Training (VST from now) had an existing site which was based around an “Off the shelf template” and an old version of joomla. VST offer training services for the voluntary sector, and while the old site did enable them to take bookings, it was quite old, had a few layout problems and wasn’t responsive.

Read what VST thought about ee-web

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Are we getting too generic – spotting wordpress and bootstrap …

January 31st, 2014 by Edward

It’s all the same to me…

Just recently one of the designers I work with came to me with his usual starting point “Give me a ball park figure for …” and sent me off to a link.

When I got there I was impressed, at first. It looked great, using bold greens and blues, and large photos with lots going on. Indeed, it was arresting.

So remembering my mission, I went to work to come up with a ball park figure to produce ‘something with the same spec’ – no, not a copy.

Things fall into place…

After a couple of minutes I thought – ‘I know what this is… its a wordpress template stuffed through the bootstrap frame work.’ All it took was a few seconds poking around in the code to see that, yes it was wordpress, and yes it was bootstrap.

I was quite pleased with myself – I’ve been wondering if I could recognize how things were put together – and here I was, doing it.

Disadvantages of bootstrap…

I have several projects on the go using bootstrap – it is such a time saving library. But, you do have to be careful …. disadvantage… well, it looks to to me like things are in danger of becoming generic? That I believe is one of the problems with bootstrap – it comes so stuffed full of goodies, that before you know it, designers and developers have taken the easy route and – hey presto, it’s all starting to look the same.

Is this a problem? How is this is going to be avoided…

As a web professional you have to adapt – bootstrap, has in effect, opened another market for us.


Bootstrap in Joomla 3

January 21st, 2014 by Edward

I have used joomla since approx. iteration 1.5.7. With the recent release of the 3.2 series bootstrap has been included.

Bootstrap, at least according to me(!) is a library of pre-built css styling and JavaScript that enables you to construct a fully responsive layout based on a 12 column grid. It’s a half way house really between building your own template from scratch (which I love to do) and using an off the shelf template. It has been developed by twitter.

Initially a sceptic

I was quite annoyed about this at first – even wondering for a short while if my joomla days were coming to an end. In retrospect that was a  bit of a knee-jerk reaction of course. I still have concerns though, given that bootstrap includes pre-built responsive menus, glamorous buttons and font-styling - could things could start to become a bit generic in the look? I sometimes think I can spot a wordpress site…

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